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Beldi Country Club

The Beldi Country Club is a green haven of relaxation 10 minutes away from the city.

"This peaceful garden is the ideal place for those who love plant life, like me. Just imagine fields filled with roses and hundred-year-old olive trees under the benevolent gaze of the Atlas mountains. I was immediately taken in by the species of cactus including agave and aloe vera, the sap from which is great for healing sunburn, for example. Few people are familiar with all the good properties of aloe. The air is perfumed with aromatic herbs like lemon mint and basil, which you find in the hand-made preparations used in the Beldi's hammam and spa treatments. You can leave it all behind with a stroll amongst the groves or along palm-tree-lined paths, following a few tranquil lengths in the club's elegant pools or a simple but tasty meal made with home-grown produce."

Jane, 36, guest-house owner, Belgium