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The Marrakech hammam ritual: pure moments of pleasure.

Hammam treatments, which have been used for centuries, are an opportunity for a delightful moment of peace and calm to awaken your senses.

Did you know that one hammam session lasts at least two hours?  To start with, you move through a series of increasingly hotter rooms, perfumed with Eucalyptus oil. Then, a hammam specialist washes you with black soap, scrubs your body with a massage glove to get rid of dead skin cells and (for women) removes unwanted hair with sugar and honey. Lastly comes the deep massage, often with the precious argan oil. Extracted by hand, Morocco's green gold restores the hydrolipidic film, provides increased nutrients and stimulates cellular renewal and oxygenation. It's also an excellent anti-wrinkle treatment. A bath with rose petals or stone treatment complete the experience. Some hammams in the city also offer increasingly luxurious spa treatments.